Talleres ORAN

Talleres ORAN

ORAN is an industrial company with 80 years of experience in the automotive business, our two main activities are: i) the production of medium- and big-sized metallic components of bodywork and structure of vehicles and ii) the fabrication of stamping dies in our tool-shop.

Located in the city of Santander (north of Spain), the services we offer in the area of production of components are: stamping, in 4 robotized tandem press lines; 3D laser cutting integrated in the stamping line; welding of components; assemblies and cataphoretic painting. In the fabrication of stamping dies, ORAN offers a comprehensive service, from engineering and design stage to finished dies.

ORAN’s Quality Management System is certified according to the international norms ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016. We are also certified in Environmental Quality Management according to the international norm ISO 14001:2015.

Talleres ORAN

  • Contact person: Pedro Burgada Ruiz
  • C/ Río Besaya s/n, Santander, 39011, Cantabria
  • +34 942 323 968 -
  • oran@oranauto.com
  • www.oranauto.com

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Products range

Forging, casting, pressing and stamping

  • Deep-drawing and stamping
    • Metal stamping and stamping in general
    • Metal plate stamping for bodywork
    • Cold stamped or die-cast parts
    • Stamping assemblies and unit assembly.
    • Medium and deep drawing, pressed parts
    • Cold stamped steel parts


  • Exterior body parts
    • Outer bodywork stamping
    • Other outer bodywork components

Metal components, bearings and friction elements

  • Customised machining
    • Die construction
    • Die cutting
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